• Hytera BD505

    Hytera’s BD5 series two-way radios are compact devices providing professional communications with ease of use. Today’s communications devices provide improved efficiency with audio clarity – BD5 are rugged and robust radios enabling use anywhere communications are needed.

    Popular in retail, hospitality and education scenarios, BD5 series radios are not only rugged but also lightweight and ergonomic. They are easy to handle and use on-the-go, making them ideal for users  in dynamic workplaces who are constantly on the move and need to both deliver and receive instant communication with their teammates.

  • Hytera BD615


    The BD615 is the best value IP66 digital device available today. It inherits the excellent performance of the now discontinued TC6 analogue series, providing professional communication which is easily operated and extremely reliable.

    Thanks to its rugged build and vivid yellow coloured case, Hytera BD615 is at home in harsh environments where persistent water and dust is present. And with a full range of accessories, most of which are cross-compatible with the BD5, PD4 and PD5 series radios, BD615 users can tailor their communication device to their individual needs.