• Hytera PD7 ATEX series

    Two-way radios are productivity tools for many professionals. For those who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible dusts, safety is paramount and use of regular radios could be unsafe.

    Hytera understands the challenges faced by professionals working in hazardous environments. Dedicated to designing and delivering innovative intrinsically-safe communications solutions, Hytera launched the PD715Ex and PD795Ex, two portable DMR radios that comply with the world’s strictest safety standards.

  • Hytera PD795IS

    Whether on an oil rig, in a coal mine, gas station or any other potentially explosive environment, safe and reliable communications are paramount. Hytera deeply understands the challenges for users in hazardous and harsh environments.

    In order to meet the increasing demands of intrinsically safe and reliable communications, Hytera presents the PD795IS, the “ia” rated explosion-proof DMR radio. They are safe to work in places which contain various long-standing explosive mixed gases (even coal mine methane), including coal mines, gas stations, oil platforms and rigs, chemical plants, flour mills and airports.