• 3-Pin Power lead

  • 4-Pin Din Connector

    4-Pin C.B right angle Connector

  • Adjustable Bracket

    Adjustable Bracket

    Adjustable bracket designed to fit onto any CB Radio

  • Adjustable Bracket Clearence fit SU29-T452

    Adjustable bracket designed to fit onto any CB Radio


  • D.V Magnet Mount

    A D.V mag mount with rubber pad, 5M lead and PL259 Fitted for easy installation.


  • D.V. 27PL Base Mount

    The aerial mount is suitable for SIRIO and WILSON type antennas, please refer to antenna secion for suitable whips. The base will require DV lead.

  • Gutter mount

    A CB Radio antenna mount designed to fit onto the gutter of any vehicle,Kit comes complete with Snail mount, RG58 cable (4 meters) & fitted PL259 plug


  • KW250 power and SWR meter

    The KW series SWR/Power Meter are robust in design, with die-cast metal enclosures, hence providing excellent protection against bad weather conditions.

    Hence the KW series are known for robust, no hassle operation when using for measuring power or SWR, no other SWR can meet with the accuracy of the KW series SWR/Power meters.


    Frequency: 26-30 MHz

    Max Power:100 Watts

    Impedance: 50 Ohms

    Dimensions: 165 (w) x 60 (h) x 100 (d) mm


    ABS Plastice Microphone Holder The holder is coloured black for discreet installation, hence mounting can be drill or 3M double sided tape secured.

  • Mirror Mount kit

    A CB Radio mirror antenna mount designed to clamp onto the horizontal arm of a mirror, roof rack, etc.

    The kit comes complete with Stud mount, RG58 cable (4 meters) and fitted PL259 plug.

    Making the kit user friendly in everyday installations